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Property Management Checklist - Things to Do After You Buy a Brevard Rental Property


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Check list of things WE can do before YOU rent out your newly purchased Brevard County investment property.

Obtain a good liability & property insurance policy
You need protection against all kinds of losses, damage or accident. This covers you for losses incurred by both the tenant or any visitors to your property

Service the rental property.
Make sure all systems and appliances are in working order. The last thing you want is a call in the middle of the night about a down A/C unit or sewer issue.

You will need these "on" in order to show your property, once you have secured a qualified renter, switch the account over to the tenants.

Check the address on you services and tax bill.
Make sure all services and tax notices are sent to you. A mis-mailed notice can result in penalties or loss.

Check status of systems
Check level of heating oil, propane gas or septic tank service.

Connect with current tenants.
If the property are buying an existing Brevard rental with existing tenant, make sure to touch base with them.

Communication can solve lots of problems. Check to see that deposits are transferred over to your name or company name.

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