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Rocket Association Management

Some, but not all association management tasks included contracted walk-throughs, oversight of monthly contracted services and maintenance, obtaining bids for new services, attending your Board and Annual Meetings, and preparing minutes of those meetings as well as full service bookkeeping and collections.


  • Financial management

  • Monthly financial reports

  • Training of board of directors

  • Manage preventive maintenance plan

  • Monitor utilities

  • Support administrative and operational efforts

  • Contract review and oversight

  • Budget planning

  • Oversee capital improvement program

  • Develop planning for emergency and natural disasters

  • Monitor association's insurance and real estate taxes

  • Document organization

What Does Rocket Association Management Do? 

Provide Highly Rated Professional Association Management Services!

Our years of experience in this industry has taught us that one of the most important aspects of running an community association is professional record-keeping. Since it can be time-consuming and detail-oriented for the lay person, as professional community association managers, we are well versed. Accurate record keeping ensures that all owners are up to date on the monthly expenses, vital to keeping the association happy.

Rocket Association Management prides itself on prompt attention to delinquent owners and timely, user-friendly financials.

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