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Property Management Services

Fixed Fees - Over 20 Years of Experience - #1 Manager in Brevard County

Responsible Management
Pre-Occupancy Services

  • Professional Marketing, Photos and Narratives

  • Advanced Tenant Screening

  • Income Verification

  • Pre-Occupancy Photos and Property Preservation

  • Property Liability Inspections

  • Attorney Lease Construction and Specific Property Addendums

Protective Management Representation

At No Additional Cost!

  • Routine Tenant Inspections

  • Rent Intake and Enforcement

  • 3 Day and Non-compliance Notices

  • Unauthorized Occupant & Pet Control Inspects

  • Evictions- YES.. No Charge to Owners!

  • Attorney Liaison Protection

  • Tenant Damage Insurance

  • Accounting P/L - Prompt Owner Payments

  • Interior/Exterior Maintenance Coordination

  • Yearly Professional Property Inspection

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